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Ideas For A Romantic Italian Vacation

Italian Adventures, Dining and Romantic Hotels

Situated in Mediterranean Europe, Italy boasts a wide range of romantic landscapes for couples to enjoy. Take a walk through the ancient ruins in Rome, cruise on a gondola down the canals of Venice, or visit the romantic setting of Florence. Below we'll outline several locations within Italy to visit, including romantic hotels, restaurants, attractions, bridges, and more. Imagine having a quiet breakfast in Venice, skiing in the Alps, viewing the many different fountains in Rome, or taking a cooking class for two in Florence.

Italy is one of the top romantic destinations in the world, and thousands of couples flock here each year to find that perfect getaway for two. With romantic ideas and attractions for every location, Italy is perfect for your next getaway or for your honeymoon.


Romantic Venice Vacation Romantic Venice Getaways
Hotels, restaurants, attractions, and activities in the romantic Italian city of Venice. We have tips and advice on how to have a romantic getaway for two.


Rome Vacation Romantic Rome Vacations
Visit The Colosseum and re-visit the days of gladiator battles, or make a wish at the Trevi Fountain. No Rome trip is complete without a tour through the ancient ruins of the Roman Forum.

Travelling To Italy

Italy Romantic Travel Travelling to Italy is simple, and you have many options. Train, bus, ferry, plane, or even a cruise ship are all modes of transportation to get there. However, the most usual way of travelling to Italy from the US and Canada is via air. A number of airlines fly into Italy, either landing in Milan or Rome. From North America, Air Canada, Alitalia, American Airlines, Continental, Delta Airlines, and many others. Most airlines fly into European hubs before flying into Italy. Check with your local airlines for routes of travel.

If you are in Europe and plan on visiting Italy, train is a great way to enter the country, along with taking in some countryside scenary along the way. Depending on your starting point, trips can take up to a few days, but it is a fun way to travel and is a great way of seeing Europe. You can buy a Eurail Pass and have unlimited travel throughout Europe by train.

Ferries are another option with ferry routes connecting Italy with Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Malta, Albania, Egypt, and Spain.

When To Go To Italy

In general, the climate in Rome, and especially Florence and the Tuscan region is very mild. The main tourist season is spring, summer and autumn, especially because the landscape at that time of the year is very beautiful. For going sightseeing, the summer months can get too hot and the museums and cities are usually overcrowded. October is less crowded but be prepared for rain, about 3 inches for the month in Rome, Florence, and Naples. There are still sunny days, but there are possibilities of several days of rain. If you are planning many sightseeing tours, winter months could be a better option for you, especially if you do not enjoy the summer heat. Be warned, the winter months can be cold, but there are still enough sunny days to make your tours enjoyable, without having the hot summer sun.

Stay tuned for more tips and ideas on romantic vacations, holidays, and couples getaways in Italy

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