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A Romantic Paris Vacation

Attractions and Tips for A Great Romantic Paris Vacations Or Getaway

Eiffel Tower In ParisParis, France, one of the most romantic cities in the world, with plenty of things to see and experience for couples looking for a romantic vacation for two. Whether you're taking in a romantic cruise down the Seine River, or looking out at the Paris skyline from the top of the Eiffel Tower, you'll see why Paris is synonymous with the word style.

Be sure to spend a quiet moment in the Jardin de Tuileries and enjoy an eclair from a patisserie or a glass of Beaujolais in a romantic bistro, or take the day to tour the Arc de Triomphe, Versailles and the Louvre. At night, savor world-class dining at the hundreds of restaurants in the city, catering to an individuals taste and budget. Our section on Paris will highlight all of the top romantic spots and activities that Paris has to offer. Make sure to bring a good pair of walking shoes, as you will be doing lots of walking while in the city. Paris is at its best during the temperate spring months (March to May), with autumn coming in a close second. Summer is the peak tourist season here, with the many points of interest seeing large crowds.

Getting To And Around Paris

Charles de Gaulle Airport In Paris Getting to Paris is quite easy, the city has two major airports, Orly and Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport. Both airports have extensive transit services to the city, and you can pick one of the public transit lines consisting of two different RER (commuter train) lines and two buses, depending where you are located in Paris. These are the easiest and cheapest ways to go. Taxi service is a good option as well, the medium rate will be around 50 euros, depending on where you are staying in the city.

We tend to recommend staying away from renting a car while staying in Paris, unless you are planning a getaway outside of the city limits. Driving in Paris can be frustrating, as navigating the city streets and trying to find parking are rather difficult. The last thing you want on a romantic trip is to be stressed out behind the wheel. A great option for travelling withing the city is to rent a scooter, which will give you the freedom of moving around effortlessly, and is a great way to experience Paris.

Paris Metro The best way to get around in Paris is to walk and use the excellent public transportation system. The public transit is amazing, it enables easy and fast connection to anywhere in Paris and surrounding areas. The Paris metro is very wide spread and comes every 2 minutes during rush hours. It may be a bit crowded, but at least you will always be sure to get where you want in record time. Like we mentioned before, be prepared to walk a lot while touring the city. Bring a comfortable pair of shoes, this truely is the best way to see the city and all the sights.

Paris locations are described as being either "left-bank" or "right bank", which basically means either to the left or to the right of the Seine River. The city is also divided into 20 Arrondissements, (districts), and you will clearly see them marked on address signs and on maps.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower What is the one main landmark that provokes the memory of Paris? The Eiffel Tower. Standing some 900+ feet above the city, the tower offers great scenic views of Paris, especially from the top observation deck. This is a great meeting places for visitors from near and far, and is also a good point of reference of the left-bank of Paris. Make sure to arrive early in order to avoid large crowds at the ticket window. You can even plan a romantic picnic lunch at the Champ de Mars, which is the large lawn that is just southeast of the tower. What better place to enjoy a quiet moment, especially with the tower as your back drop.

We recommend visiting the tower just before sunset, take the elevator up to the top and enjoy the city views as night falls on Paris. If you stay long enough, you will see the giant floodlights that illuminate the tower at night. This is truely a fantastic place to be with your loved one. The fee for a ride to the top of the tower is 12 Euros, and the site is open from 9:30 am to 11:30pm, with the times slightly changing by one half hour during different times of the year.

The Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum In Paris Home to Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, the Louvre is considered the world's greatest art museum, with an unparalleled collection of items covering the full spectrum of art through the ages. Be prepared to spend an entire day here, as there is so much to see, sometimes a second visit is neeeded to see the 275,000 and more pieces of artwork. The museum is often crowded, so if you want to make it a point not to spend a lot of time here, just make sure to see the big three, the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, and the Winged Victory of Samothrace. This will give you a look at the Louvre's most popular and largest attractions.

Make the most of extended opening hours and visit in the evening, it is way calmer and the quieter atmosphere is a much better way to tour the museum. Buy you tickets in advance so you don't have to line up in the long queues for tickets during the daytime. If you decide to visit during the day, it is best to avoid the mid-day and afternoon crowds by taking a break in the Jardin opposite the entrance. Make a picnic lunch and enjoy some quiet time before re-entering the museum and carrying on your tour.

Champs Elysees & Arc de Triomphe

Champs Elysees & Arc de Triomphe In Paris A must see while in Paris, a walk down the grande promenade and a visit to the Arc overwhelmes you with the rich history and atmosphere that is here. We think that this is one of the most romantic spots in all of Paris, and with the Arc being located at the middle of 12 boulevards, the panorama view from the top is beautiful. It will cost you 8 Euros to access the top of the Arc by stairs, or if you prefer, by elevator. There is a small elevator not too far from the ticket window, ask and you will be directed to it. You can walk all around the top and enjoy the views, but make sure to watch your step, the top is not completely flat. There are small steps every couple of yards. Remember to use the underground passageway to get to the Arc, as crossing the busy street is very dangerous.

Along your way to and from the Arc, make sure to stop in and check out the many boutiques and showrooms that line the Champs Elysees. There are almost many unique side streets off the main promenade that are worth strolling down, you will find numerous small cafes that you can stop by and grab a bite to eat.

Romantic Seine River Cruise

Romantic Seine River Cruise There is no better city in the world to enjoy a romantic evening dinner cruise than in Paris. Cruising on the Seine River with the discreetly lit city as your backdrop makes for one of the most romantic evenings of your life. Take a glass bottomed boat tour through the heart of Paris, passing by numerous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, along with numerous monuments and century old bridges. Cruises leave from several points along the river, most noteably from right in front of the Eiffel Tower. Boats usually depart every 30 minutes, and here, you can book a romantic dinner cruise for two. Enjoy!

Other Romantic Paris Attractions

Other Romantic Paris Attractions Paris is full of romance, here are some other highlights off the beaten path that couples can discover while staying in the city.

Rue Clear - Located in the 7th arrondissement on the left bank of the Seine, the rue Cler is just blocks away from the Eiffel Tower and Invilades and is a true Parisian market street. The nice part about here is that it is traffic free, the quaint little shops that line this picturesque cobble stoned street overflow onto the sidewalk and street. There are flower shops and mouth-watering bakeries, as well as chocolate, wine, and cheese shops, along with restaurants, hotels, a bank and post office, basically everything you need to survive.

The Denis Auvray Bakery at 45 rue Cler is a great place to buy fresh baguettes, pastries, and sandwiches on the run or for a romantic picnic. The Grand Hotel Leveque located at 29 rue Cler is a bargain, and the streetside rooms are a great vantage piont for watching the life on this busy street.

The Montmartre Vineyards - Not always mentioned in tour guides about Paris, the vineyards offer a country-like look to one side of the hill in Paris. The area was planted with vines in 1932 and spreads on 1556 square meters. Buy a production bottle of wine, which is 1000kg, and bring home a unique souvenir from a unique and unusual place within Paris. The Monmartre Vineyards is located at 9 bis, rue Norvins 75018 Paris.

The Viaduc des Arts - Under the arcades of a former viaduct going from the Place de la Bastille to Gare de Lyon, on the Avenue Daumesnil, you will find trendy boutiques that traditional craftsmen have opened. Find the stairways that go up on the viaduct every 100-150 meters and you will discover a long and thrilling pedestrian promenade called Promenade suspendue or Coulee vert. It's perfect for a stroll for an afternoon, taking in beautiful Parisian artwork and crafts.

The Arsenal Marina - At the intersection of the Canal Saint Martin and the Seine, the Arsenal Marina is a cute hidden spot to wander around and admire the nice boats. Not overrun by tourists, this is a nice area to unwind from the crowds in the city and enjoy a quiet morning or afternoon with your loved one.

Salon du Palais Royal Shiseido - You climb up one floor and enter a dim, silent sanctuary permeated with fabulous, subtle scents. Marble floors, lilac walls and rosewood paneling combine to enchant you as much as the fragrances will. Some are suitable for both men and women, and you can even have your initials engraved on the perfume bottles. While you're about it enjoy the Palais Royal gardens, which are even more romantic at night. This fabulous setting is also home to the Grand Vefour and the enthralling cuisine of Guy Martin, if you can afford to splurge on dinner.

The parc des Buttes-Chaumont - Unquestionably the city's most romantic park setting. The Buttes-Chaumont have all the ingredients that qualify as romantic. Cliffs, a grotto, a lake, and rushing waterfalls, and on top of the cliff, a copy of Tivoli's Temple of the Sybille. When you come down the cliff, enjoy an outdoor lunch at Pavillon Puebla.

Romantic Restaurants In Paris

Romantic Paris Restaurants A huge part of your Paris experience is dining out, whether you're on a tight budget or not, Paris offers a wide selection of quality food choices that is really worth all the glowing reviews from critics around the world. It's best to be open to new and exciting cuisines, you will be rewarded with delicious and well presented food that will make your trip even more memorable. Prix-fixe meals are your best option if you are on a tight budget. Prix-fixe means "fixed price", and the meals usually contain an appetizer, main course, and dessert, all for a reasonably inexpensive price. Wine is usually priced extra.

Don't leave Paris without having tried one of the many delicous patries, cakes, tarts, or breads from the numerous bakeries that can be found throughout the city. You will not be able to miss the shops beautiful displays of their wide variety of goods. The open air markets stock an endless number of gourmet cheeses, breads, fruits, meats, vegetables, and wine. You will have a hard time trying to choose among the fantastic variety of delicous foods.

Here are a few romantic restaurants and cafes to experience and enjoy.

1728 Restaurant - An 18th-century town house, just off Faubourg-St-Honore where the Marquis de Lafayette lived, has been turned into this chic romantic rendezvous. Incredibly romantic setting and it is not exorbitantly priced. This is the place to unwind over afternoon tea and Pierre Herme pastries, or visit in the evening to enjoy the fine flavorful menu and romantic atmosphere.

Chez Michel - Chez Michel is always packed and buzzing with people, but it offers a unique menu and a unique setting for a great lunch or dinner. The look here is timelessly French restaurant-ish; shaded chandeliers, beams, lacy curtains, and a kitsch china pig on the windowsill. Service is charming if a little brisk. Located at 10 rue de Belzunce, 75010 Paris.

La Duree - A Paris institution! This beautiful bakery/cafe is situated on the Champs d'Elysses, and has prices to match, but one look at the pastry display will push that to the back of your mind. You can sit down inside or on the sidewalk, or just order your pastries to go. The interior is painted in a lovely mint green with lots of lush fabric swags and makes for a very relaxing and luxurious experience. Try the macaroons, they come in a variety of wonderful flavors, and they are simply delicious! Located at 21 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris.

A great guide to dining in Paris is the Guide Lebey, the Parisian bible of restaurants and Bistros. There is a volume for restaurants, and another one for bistros. The reviews are entirely different from the usual guides, in that they describe in detail not just the menu or the atmosphere, but also the specific meal the reviewer had, complete with wine, and the exact cost of the meal. Because it lists many very reasonable places, it also saves a lot of money. You can buy the guide in Paris, or buy it through or It is in French, but what a nice way of learning French!

Romantic Paris Hotels

Romantic Paris Hotels There are thousands of hotels located in Paris, catering to one's budget and style. For this section we outline some of the more romantic hotels located within the city, hotels that are a perfect spot for your honeymoon or a special occasion. For information on romantic accomodations in Paris, visit our Romantic Paris Honeymoon Page.

Hope you found these Paris romantic vacation tips useful and we hope that you enjoy your next Paris holiday in France.

Disclaimer: We have attempted to ensure this website is as accurate as possible. However, Fantastic Romantic Vacations accepts no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from this information. You should verify important information regarding all travel documents, health and safety, customs, and transportation with the appropriate authorities and agents before you travel.